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22nd July 2012

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literally have no idea anymore

its been a mad month & i haven’t really stopped

yet a week ago i did something i never thought i would (or could)

but nevertheless i have made conscious choices which are making my life better, i know play keyboards in an amazing band, i’m working on some heavier pendulum style stuff with a metal band & also sorted out a bunch of friends to do something slightly ‘doors’ esque.

all things i would let pass by if i was still in the situation i was in

yet I’ve been working myself ragged, my sex drive has pretty much completely diminished, I’m living off pro plus & monster rehab as well as countless cups of coffee & the only way i can sleep is getting high (however usually i get distracted by the slo mo guys on you tube…)

now i have to get the train so  will bid you farewell


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